What our clients have to say.


"I am such a fan of your soap. I love washing my hair with the rosemary mint head to toe soap. I don't need conditioner anymore either. I'm saving money and saving plastic. I love the MN lady slipper. For myself, but also as gifts. I'm also a fan of small local business."


"Its come to the point where I refuse to shower unless I’ve got my shaving soap & hand soap!! So, I make sure its always with me!"


"Best lip balm I've ever tried!! My lips don't get chapped anymore and I don't need to use nearly as much as I do with other brands. Can't live without Bubbles by Brooks lip balm!!! My son also loved to eat it when he was about 2. Not a good thing, but I knew it wouldn't hurt him either."


"Makes my skin really soft and I love to look my best especially this time of year and feel so Bubbly and Refreshing!!"


"Brooks products are one of a kind. Using natural ingredients that deliver and Amy, the owner is knowledgeable and passionate about creating products that meet industry's highest standards."

"Best. Soap. Ever! And the only soap we use -- for years now. I even take it with me when I travel and I have my husband now doing the same."


"Your lip balm is my "go to/must have" lip balm. I will empty my purse anytime /anywhere looking for that lip balm. Trust me... I have!"


"Your lip balm is the greatest. I have 4 of them and the banana is my fave, a close second being the chocolate mint, which also happens to be my fave ice cream flavor. Your lip balm beats all the rest!"


"Best soap I've ever used on my face, and I've used Clinique, Aveda, and Mary Kay. This beats them all!! And recently, I was asked if I was over 17 when purchasing an R rated movie because I "have a baby face". LOL!"