Our artisan soaps contain Phthalate Free fragrances formulated especially for handmade soap or essential oils; many of them contain natural botanicals, natural pigments or commercial grade colorants that add swirls of color throughout the soap. Our unique soap formula contains a rich blend of food grade virgin olive, coconut, and organic sustainable palm oil. * (See green policy for more information).


These soaps were developed for their scent, beauty and for their creamy, luxurious lathers.


For example:

  • Our Celestial Waters is a refreshing blend of geranium, jasmine, lavender, rose, and sweet orange with Rose clay.
  • Northwoods is an earthy blend of Cedar & Pine.
  • We offer rotating Soap of the Month: Scent changes monthly- let us surprise you! 


Bubbles Basic - Regular Line

  • Our original botanical recipe feature 100% natural Essential Oil Blends